Geoffrey Thomas

a photo of my face

I'm a software engineer living in Brooklyn, NY, with particular interests in operating systems infrastructure, secure computing, and the like. You can probably find me in a coffee shop reading about terminal emulation, writing dynamic libraries to do strange things, or occasionally working on my Debian packages.

My friend Liz Denys and I make the podcast Loose Leaf Security about practical computer security for everyone - from password managers to browser extensions to malicious USB devices.

On weekdays I develop and maintain software infrastructure for a hedge fund in SoHo, but my blog posts and public projects generally have little to do with my day job or my employer's technical priorities.

I studied computer science at MIT, where I was a member of the Student Information Processing Board (SIPB), MIT's student computing organization, and the Cross Products, a contemporary-Christian a cappella group. At SIPB I maintained the shared web hosting platform and the Debathena environment for access to campus computing resources from Debian and Ubuntu. In January 2014 I co-organized an alumni-run “Caffeinated 6.828”, squeezing a semester-long graduate-level operating systems class into one month.

My preferred email address for most things is, and email is my preferred contact method for most things. You're welcome to send me PGP-encrypted mail (key id 5C5245265C413520), though I might be slow to get around to decrypting it. One day, I'd like to work on a better method for secure email. I'm also often reachable on Freenode IRC as geofft and Twitter as @geofft.